Profile: Kateena


I have spent decades experiencing jails, institutions and spiritual deaths. I don’t blame anyone for the life I’ve lived. I ultimately made the choices which resulted in me paying the consequences for my actions. Most of my negative behavior stems from my negative ways of thinking and my drug addictions. Losing material things, relationships, and my freedom are just some of the things I’ve experienced. At some point, they became a normal part of my life. My last prison stay changed everything for me. I lost a child while incarcerated. Talk about the ultimate pain!


It’s during that time I begun to make positive decisions that would change my life for the good. I decided I wanted to really give myself a chance and step out on faith. I decided that instead of going back home, I would stay in Indiana and go to Seeds of Hope. At first, the judicial system said, “No.” I began to pray and ask God if this was a place to help me on my journey. If so, open the door for me; so it was done.


Since being here, I’ve developed self-worth, integrity, and continued sobriety. I’ve learned to be honest and responsible. I could go on & on about Seeds of Hope. It has truly been the blessing I needed to get back on track. It has not been easy. It honestly took dedication and a lot of hard work and tears. But I’m doing it. For that, I will be eternally grateful. I’ve been here almost 8 months and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. My time is nearing for me to leave Seeds of Hope. I couldn’t have received better preparation anywhere else. I truly thank the entire Seeds of Hope family for all you’ve done for me.