Thank You, 2020 Raffle Sponsors!

We sincerely appreciate the sponsors of this year’s event. Their financial (and moral) support have not only helped us cover up-front expenses, but also will help us reach our fundraising goal, in order to help even more women who turn to Seeds of Hope.

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Profile: Marcy


I’m Marcy, a resident of Seeds of Hope Recovery House. I’ve resided here for a month and what I’ve accomplished in the short period of time is love, acceptance, warmth, and a part of a program that offers sobriety from addiction, how to balance life and becoming a productive woman that has been hidden.


Although I had no desire to work on my addiction, they were the first to answer the phone. After my assessment, I gave it some thought and accepted the kind, generous offer of an amazing program.


God doesn’t make mistakes. He knew all along where and what He wanted for me. So, here I am. Today I have joy, a nice bed, new friends, a wonderful staff, security, and most of all Hope. I’m just at Seeds of Hope waiting to blossom!