Thank You, 2020 Raffle Sponsors!

We sincerely appreciate the sponsors of this year’s event. Their financial (and moral) support have not only helped us cover up-front expenses, but also will help us reach our fundraising goal, in order to help even more women who turn to Seeds of Hope.

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Profile: Gina

I am Gina and I struggle with addiction. I have been homeless, have stolen things from my children, and lost my entire family because of drugs. I was hopeless, helpless, had lost my morals, and was broken spiritually, physically, and mentally.

When I came to Seeds of Hope, I was scared, but I was willing to surrender my life to a loving staff that had been down the same path before me. They loved me until I could learn to love myself. Through Seeds of Hope, I found the God of my understanding. I have also learned to respect and care for others, and finally gained the self respect I never had.

Since graduating, I have held my job for more than a year. I have my family back, and I live in my own apartment. Life may be a struggle at times, but for me, it was all about choices.



Seeds of Hope Graduate